Lal Kitab grammar is somewhat different from other popular astrology. If we go to the language, then it is written in the colloquial language of the common people. The people of ancient Punjab of North India can understand it with ease, but people of other provinces, even if they know Urdu, will find it difficult to understand it. Just like Tulsidas ji wrote ‘Ramcharitmanas’ for the common people, similarly Pt. Rupchand Joshi ji wrote this book of astrology for the common people only.
Lal Kitab is a unique book based on an independent and fundamental principles of astrology. It has its own personal characteristics, which are different from other theoretical or experimental result astrology. Its biggest feature is to give the message of taking recourse to the napalos to avoid the ill effects of the planets. These measures are so simple that any person can do their welfare by taking convenient support from them. Raising a black dog, feeding crows, taking blessings from virgin girls, watering a particular tree, shedding some grains or coins in water, keeping peaks, covering heads, etc. are some of the specimens of which the native of the planets have attained. It is spontaneously saved from harmful effects. Instead of spending thousands of rupees in expensive planetary gems like rubies, coral, pearl, topaz, sapphire, diamond, emerald, etc., the native can protect himself from the ill effects of the planets by spending very little with the help of these accessories.