Aura scanning can be majorly beneficial when trying to figure out the state of your aura. A scan can help to show the different colors of your current aura and identify any problems. An aura scan can show your energy levels, any damage to your energy flow that may be present, and chakra issues as well. An aura scan can be performed in person or from a distance.the scan is performed by a Reiki guide that can sense auras either visually or with a kinesthetic approach where the person can sense auras. New technology also allows for aura scanning cameras. These cameras can show your aura in colors and help to visualize your energy for you.Cleaning your aura is an important part of mental and physical health. Learning how to cleanse your own aura can be a vital part of your everyday routine. If you are stressed out and not taking care of your physical body you can also obtain poor aura hygiene. This can lead to tiredness and fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

  • Basic personality features and behavioral pattern.
  • Degree of success in power & money.
  • Presence of healing powers within your body.
  • An insight to your near future.
  • Emotional and Karmic blockages in your life.